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      GENERAL:   To open a desired section can be used "Help" so and "Home Page".   All words and images when the mouse pointer with additional information.     In the case of viewing a full and extra sheets at the same time can help to return to the main list - item in the "STAND"... "л.1,2,..." or use the "Back" (Internet Explorer it usually turns off, but it is in the toolbar).   Size sheets can be increased by using the "magnifying glass" return with the sheet - left mouse button or the "X". You can use the key "F11" to enter (exit) in a full-screen display mode.
  While browsing the site on tablets and smartphones with older browsers where may not apply the "Back" (you can use your toolbar browser) and commands transition to the top of directory or page fragments. For convenience done the increase in the intervals between lines and letters

      ADDITIONAL PAGES (numbered sheets: №   6-1, 150-2 ...):   serve for more information and temporary storage of material including for possible siting on the stands by 16 sheets (there are sketches of the stands in the menu "Others").

      'STAND : (- Cursor to 'STAND)   The word СТЕНД with ' contains a short explanation of some images on sheets. The word СТЕНД with ' contains a short information to some images on sheets. Lists this information assembled on separate of 3 sheets: Events , Myths , People (menu Help).

      ILLUSTRATION:   If you wish, you can see enlarged images sheets and fragments, including fragments which on stamps (on sheets labeled Left - *) and return back using the "Back" or the by pictures.          More than 4000 of reproductions (including fragments) are illustrations (almost without repetition for similar reproductions) size height or width to 600 pixels. View illustrations - letters word ИЛЛЮСТРАЦИИ (the underlined - on a sheet, and the rest, not underlined - the transition to the pages of fragments)
      NEW on the website - recently made changes to the website.

      LISTS:   Due to the different browsers show lists (until 3 dozen browsers), menu and artists lists made in two embodiments (the second option - to select letters or titles, convenient for frequent return to the list of artists).

      CATALOG:   Additional Information can help catalog, compiled in three versions: consecutive order - in ascending order sheet number, by country, by museums. In the menu sheets word КАТАЛОГ "has 2 addresses": КАТА - the beginning of the directory in ascending order, ЛОГ - almost directly in this catalog.   In subject "across countries" have data on the currency and territory

      STATISTICS: The number of reproductions different countries and museums can be found in "Statistics" -   .

      TYPES OF CITY OREL:   In an additional (together with "It is interesting" - 1.5% of the program) section, "Types of city Orel" old and new double maps to help.   Using the mouse and "display screens" can open: out of every four - two left images - old and new maps, two right images - the listing forward (top images) and previous (bottom images). Some postcards, marked in the upper right corner of the, show address side of the postcard (thanks to Alexander Polunin), or similar options. Some modern picture with the "ghosts of the past". On one of the cards "2 pack" old species additionally, view them using the command "Forward →" or clicking mouse image on the map (alas, not in Mazilla Firefox).
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        DVD ROM with the program - website с 6.03.15 (- hover)
      NOTE:   The size of the paintings of originals (purely visible part, in view of frame or size of the canvas), which made reproduction are given without qualification (even in catalogs of museums and exhibitions this is very rare happens).         Various interconnection of individual elements of the program, I hope, give the opportunity to choose from a variety of a handy serial option browsing.

      EXPLANATORY:   Website-program - a program to work by a permanent correction of errors, refinements, improve exposure (goes is a constant work to change the exhibition sheets with replacement and addition of philmaterial) - I'm sorry, but can be annoying bugs.
          The program-website is successfully tested in the four most used browsers - Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer (no problem since version 7), Mazilla Firefox;   with Windows XP, -7,-8,-Vista;   on the old "iron" and tablets 3QTablet PC LC0705A.             I hope I managed to find a compromise between speed and image quality.
      FEEDBACK:   All comments and suggestions about "gaps on the site" i will be glad to get through the "Feedback" - .   Received by Email and tips on the forum helped to fix some bugs and to add data.