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The Annunciation with Emidiusom 1486   transferred from wood to canvas
207 x 146,5 NG London
Scenes from the lives of saints hermits     Uccello 1460's.
canvas, tempera     81 x 110     Academy Gallery
Exodus     Unknown artist   (probably the first version of Raphael?) Transformation     Rafael
1519/20 & nbsp;   Tempera on wood 405 x 278
Pinacoteca Vatican
                  The Annunciation     Fra Angelico     1430/32
wood, tempera     154 x 194     Prado   Madrid

    As you can see, in the 15-16 centuries UFOs were like balls of the Torah and plates, for half a millennium it was added to the ufologists "cigar" and kilometer parallelepiped. It is possible they were flying in the past, and with a strong desire in the paintings and frescoes at all times they can be found.